Friday, 23 October 2009

Lau go mad in Belgium

Hello FAFers,
Lau have just spent a very enjoyable week in Belgium doing a “Best of the BBC Folk Awards” tour with Devon folk star Seth Lakeman. We finished the first leg of the autumn tour in Basingstoke, and jumped on Seth’s tour bus with his band and headed for Dover.

Lau love a boat.

And even a rather cold and under-populated Dover-Calais ferry makes us happy. For those that haven’t experienced that huge boat, there is a whole alcohol supermarket on the boat, presumably to cater for those that wish to take advantage of French drink prices without having to sully themselves with the culture.

The fist gig was in Liers, a bonnie toon, with a sizeable river through the middle and a beautiful clock. The Jubilation Clock in Liers, 12 smaller clocks run off one master clock, beat that.

Fiddle playing celebrity sound man Tim Matthew and Kris have a pre-gig tune.

Lau and the Seth Lakeman band enjoy a post gig pint, not hard in Belgium.

Mmmm Belgium.

Day two took us to Roselare, to a beautiful theatre and yet more quality Belgian hospitality.

Lau on stage in Roselare.

Day three saw us with a day off, and never scared of an adventure we left Seth’s band to work up some new songs and set off for the station. Antwerp seemed like the place to head for, but breakfast had become just a distant memory, so we jumped off the train at Gent in search of food, we found not only good food, but a truly beautiful station:

Gent station.

Back on the train to Antwerp.

Tim trying to look clever on the train to Antwerp.